Inspired: #GirlBoss


A few years ago while perusing the aisles of the bookstore closest to my parents I happened upon a bubble gum pink copy of #GirlBoss by Sophia millennial. I was instantly drawn to her vibe and determination and given the fact that I’m a sucker for a deprecating auto biography I devoured this book in a weekend. For those of you that don’t know, Sophia Amoruso is the creative genius behind the wildly popular NastyGal retailer which started as an e-bay store. I was most inspired by her story because of the rags-to-riches aspect. Sophia started her business from nothing but images-1an idea and a hell of a lot of hard work.

I finally had a day off and had the chance to fully invest myself into the Netflix series created surrounding Sophia’s life by the same name, GirlBoss. I wasn’t sure how the series would depict Sophia’s rise to success but I was impressed but not surprised by Britt Robinson’s performance. Britt Robinson has always been a proponent to enigmatic characters and her interpretation of Sophia Amoruso was no different. I both loved and hated how she lived up to every millennial fuck-all attitude that has been portrayed so many times before. As the series goes on you see a deeper insight into why
Sophia is the way that she is and suddenly all of those little things that make you hate her become more understandable. There was a lot about Sophia’s story that I identified with but her shortcomings were perhaps some of the most relatable. It is rare that we see the story of someone who truly fucks up and has to take responsibility for what she has d
one. Something that I have come to terms with as of late is how much it sucks when you have to admit you fucked things up and move on.

So if you have any time on your hands, add GirlBoss on Netflix, or check out nastygal’s website!


Wise Words



A wise woman recently told me that ‘if it takes away your peace it’s too expensive’ and in terms of thing’s I’m sure she found on Pinterest it really struck a chord with me. I am not sure when exactly I realized that I didn’t have enough emotional or physical energy left for the things in my life that I really cared about, maybe it was when I realized I didn’t feel connected to the organizations I had formerly been so proud to be apart of. Maybe it was when I realized I spent more time in the day worrying and stressing than actually enjoying my life. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I am not living the life I want to live. I set out with great intentions, I wanted to be a good friend, student, daughter, sister but somewhere along the way I stopped being all of those things and at the end of the day I didn’t like who I was or how I felt about anything.


It was only then that I decided to start living my life the way that I choose. I want to live a life that I’m excited to wake up to in the morning. Now I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to do that or where to start. It seemed impossible when I was dealing with the stresses of school, sorority, and work. These things were the paramount reasons I was stressed and now that the semester has ended and so have sorority activities until the fall I am going to take more time to focus on myself, to become the a person that I’m proud of, a person that I know I can be.


New Year New Goals


Its no surprise that I am excited that this year is coming to an end. 2016 had a lot of high points but some of the lowest of low points. Somewhere in the middle of all of that I did quite a bit of growing up. I fell in love, moved out of my parents house for the first time ever and joined a sorority. I voted in my first national election and saw the passing of one of my childhood heros. I began this year thinking that being an adult meant handling things on my own; this false sense of independence was quickly realized and I learned I didn’t have to do it all on my own. I learned to rely on the people in my life that love me without feeling like I was worse for it.

While I was reflecting on the year I put together a list of things that I want to do and things that I want to improve on. I then took my list and narrowed it down to three main objectives. These objectives aren’t so much things that can be ticked off a list but ways that I can grow and change my life. Let me know what your resolutions are and your inspirations for 2017. Here we go!

1.Create More: I want to read and write and make more art, I feel like I get wrapped up in life sometimes and forget the things that make me happy and I hope to get back to that this year.

2. Reconnect: Going back to being busy and getting wrapped up in life, I have let a lot of relationships fall to the wayside. I know that in college and in life often times we don’t have time to maintain the relationships we have; this includes old friends, new friends, and family. I want to spend more time reconnecting really up forth an effort to rebuild those relationships.

3. Document More: This can be related back to creating more but I want to be better at documenting my memories. I have a fuji polaroid camera and a little board that I put all of them on and I’ve been making an effort to remember to take my camera with me and take more pictures. Along with visually documenting memories I want to make an effort to write more about my experiences. I used to diary or journal a lot about what happens day to day and I want to get back to that as well.



Winter Essentials

Winter Essentials


Once again Michigan is messing with my head and my heart. Personally winter is my favorite season and the first snow is especially special. With that being said there are certain products and pieces that make a return every winter and here they are.


Winter Coat: I have struggled to find a winter coat that really works for me because in high school I was alway too cool for a coat. Now I live near campus and have to walk to class so a good winter coat is a must. My coat is a black Calvin Klein coat with a cute (faux) fur fringed hood. I love this because its long enough to cover my butt and keeps me nice and warm while also being lightweight.

Boots: I initially wanted these for fashion purposes but am happy that I got them because they have some seriously great practical purposes. I have tall matte Hunter boots (sometimes called Wellingtons or Wellies). I love them because my feet don’t get wet and I don’t have to worry about avoiding puddles when hurrying to class.

Cozy Scarf: I tend to wear neutral colors so most of my scarves are accent pieces and have pops or reds and greens. Large scarves can be used as a staple part of an outfit or just a nice touch on top of a crewneck; and the best part is that they keep you nice and toasty.


Moisturizer: A good moisturizer is essential for me as the weather gets chillier. I prefer the Aveeno daily moisturizer mostly because it makes my skin feel great and smells good but it also has SPF 15 which is an all around win. I also will put lotion on after I get out of the shower on my body to keep my skin hydrated and healthy.

Lip Balm: This one can be tricky because many products will dry your lips out and defeat the purpose of using it in the first place. I use Blistex in a minty flavor. I usually stock up on these in the fall and put them everywhere I may need them; by my bed, in my car, backpack, and my coat pocket, because there is nothing I hate more than dry lips.


Heated Blanket: Living on my own means paying my own bills and while my room mates may love our apartment feeling like an oven I prefer to snuggle up under my heated blanket and keep the heat on low.

Christmas Tree Candle: I personally tend to go toward more earthy scents in general but pine happens to be my favorite scent around this time. More specifically, I am in love with the Christmas Tree candle from Target. I go through candles like no ones business and will have to replace this one soon.

Currently: Sunday Night Edition

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I love seeing posts like this and seeing what everyone is currently loving, stay tuned for more after the holiday season and comment below what you’re currently loving. currently

Currently Watching: Bones, Moana, Love Actually, and my all time favorite Christmas movie, Miracle on 34th Street.

Currently Drinking: Coffee with a splash of peppermint creamer.

Currently Thinking: About how magical this Christmas season is going to be surrounded by friends and family.

Currently Wearing: Cozy PJs and socks always. Finals are over and it is time to celebrate by putting on my pajamas and not leaving them this week.

Currently Quoting: “Never stop looking up”-Anon


Bedtime Routine


After a long day sometimes the only thing I want to do is crawl into bed. Before I do that though, there are a few things I always make sure I do. Especially with the weather getting colder that makes it even more important to keep my skin healthy well taken care of. To do this, there are a few things that I like to do every night before bed every night to keep my body and mind looking and feeling healthy.

1. The first thing I do is take off my makeup. Of everything I’ve researched about skin taking care of it, one conclusion I’ve found is that getting the makeup and built up oils and residue off of the skin is the best.

2. The next thing I do is shower, sometimes I skip this step depending on what is going on the next morning and how tired I am. Lately I’ve been using Clean On Me by Soap and Glory and I love it. The delicious scent and the seriously velvety lather makes it a great shower cleanser.

3. No matter if I shower or not I always wash my face with a gentle cleanser like the Neutrogena Deep Cleansing face wash. I will wet my face with warm water and then work it into my skin focusing on my T-Zone and other problem areas.

4. After that I will tone and cleanse my skin with the Mario Badescu Cleansing Toner C and Aloe Lotion. I use these by putting a little bit on a cotton round and working it into my skin.

5. Lastly I’ll finish off with a moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated. Lately I’ve been using my Aveeno daily moisturizer but because of the SPF 15 I especially like to use it in the morning before I put on my makeup. At night I will often use the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. I also take this time to pop on some Blistex before sliding into bed.


I kept this post mainly about skin care but there is usually a lot more dancing around in comfy pajamas with my room mates, Netflix watching, and rapid fire texting my best friends before bed.

Top Ten Tips to Tackle Finals



It is officially the most wonderful and the most stressful school year. Finals. Now if you’re somewhat crazy like I am, there is a light at end of this tunnel and that is new school supplies for the upcoming semester. With that being said, first comes finishing up this semester and tackling finals.

Now I want to start this post with a little back story; in high school I was always the kid who could look over their notes in the class period before a test and be just fine, then I got to college and while I managed to maintain my grades I realized it would take a lot more effort. I have heard from lots of other people in my classes, friends, and sisters, that they had a similar experience so whether you’re taking your first college finals or this is your last semester take a look at these tips and try them out to see if any thing can help you with your finals season.

1. Make a Space: For me this happens to be my apartment’s kitchen table. I make myself a cup of coffee, turn on some music and lay everything out in the order that I have to get it done. If your space happens to be a dead silent library or a bustling coffee shop its nice to have a sacred space that is devoted to studying.

2. Make a Plan: I personally like to take a blank printable calendar either for the next few weeks, or for the month as a whole and put due dates/test dates in red. Then I’ll make a list either on a google sheet or in a note book of when things are due and when tests are so I know what order to study in.

5. Make a Schedule: Do you study best in the morning, or at night, do you need to be around people, do you have to be alone? I always take these things into account, I also take into account what else is going on that week. The thing that stinks about finals is that the rest of the world doesn’t stop, I still have work, blogging, sorority, and somewhere time to breathe. That’s why I always plan out what times work best for me to study and stick to them.

4. Find a Buddy: Once you have everything planned out, its time to actually do it. Whether your buddy is a good playlist on Spotify, a room mate, or a friend I’ve always found that I’m most productive when I have someone to bounce ideas off of.

5. Write it Out: Personally one of the things that works best for me when studying is to re-write my notes or my reviews in a concise format and use that to study. If that means taking chapter notes, writing out lecture notes I’ve already taken, or doing problems and writing out how I did them I use these sheets later to study from.

6. Color Code Notes: You may notice that my notes are very colorful and that’s not on accident. I typically use the same system; blue is for headings, orange is for terms, green is for examples, and yellow is for important details.

7. Take Breaks: The best way to do this is to find your rhythm, do you like set increments of time to study and take a break (for example 20 mins studying and 5 mins of Twitter) or do you like to watch an episode of Greys Anatomy after every subject you complete? I tend to fall somewhere in between and catch up on social media after I’ve finished a project.

8. Have Snacks: This can be another great motivator, I typically don’t allow myself to have another cup of coffee until I’m halfway through whatever I’m working on. So for me, coffee is a must, one reason I tend to study at home is because I have a generous supply readily available. I also like something sweet and salty to crunch on.

9. Sleep: It might sound counter productive but if you don’t get a good night of sleep before exams your brain will be much less equipped to take on the exam the next day.

10. Celebrate: Its quiet convenient that finals will be ending just as the season of holiday cheer is beginning. I typically treat myself to conquering finals by getting my nails done or simply taking a nice bubble bath and spending a stress free night having a Netflix marathon.