10 Ways To Get It Together From Your Bed



We’ve all had those days when we laid in bed wishing we had enough energy to get our sh*t together but just can’t move. Even on those down days when there seems to be nothing we can do, I’ve compiled a list of simple things to do when it feels like everything is falling apart.

1. Clean out your inbox, yes that means the email about the Bath & Body Works sale that ended two weeks ago. And it makes checking your email less stressful and cringe worthy.

2. Organize your contacts: We’ve all gotten the occasional text from a John or an Emily and had to pretend we knew which one it was. Go through and add those last names, maybe delete the number of that friend from middle school you didn’t even make eye contact with at graduation.

3. Read something: Personally I like reading something that takes me to another place or reminds me of a happy time or place. Or, try reading something for class. Yes boring, but getting that reading help done makes you feel more prepared and evidently less stressed.

4. Make lists: Lists of the things you want to clean, or do, or buy. I find this the best way to make sure everything gets done, and sometimes it inspires me to get up.

5. Check out your finances: It may seem like an awful idea and we all dread it, but it’s necessary to know where you’re at now you can make a plan to save or maybe buy yourself a little something nice.

6. Make playlists. Something to work out to, or get ready to, or study to. My favorite app for this is Spotify but Pandora works, and regular old I-tunes is a classic.

7.  Call some friends. Or lets be real, its time to check in with your parents. Talking to people sometimes feels better than feeling like there is no one to talk to.

8. Catch up on Netflix. Sometimes when you don’t feel like actually interacting with people, watching people interact can be pretty comforting. I suggest something light and fun like Friends.

9. Stalk some Celebs. Catching up on what your favorite celebrities are up to can help motivate you into getting up, and also its mostly just fun.

10. Don’t stress too much. It will all work out, take this moment right here to relax and mentally prepare for what’s coming up.


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