Three Fast Romantic Hairstyles


With the winter semester in full swing I have had to limit the time I get to spend on my hair to a minimum. While hair has never been my specialty I have mastered a few tricks that make getting ready much easier. These hair styles are both effortlessly romantic and quick to execute. With Valentines day quickly approaching these looks are versatile enough for date night or a night out with your girl friends.

  This first look is one that I wear a lot, mostly because its a great way to keep my hair off of my face while I’m working. To do this I simply start a dutch or waterfall braid about an inch from my hair line and continue the braid all the way down and secure with an elastic. Then I pull out a few fly-aways to make the look more relaxed and casual.

  For this look I use the same dutch braid but I part my hair deeper to the left. I braid back one side of the top layer of my hair and secure it with a bobby pin or two. Then I take a section of hair from the other side of equal size and pull it back without braiding it. This half up half down look is one of my go to’s for busy mornings.

 This next look is something more risky, especially if you are a die hard slightly-off-center-long-fringe girl like myself. I start by making sure that my hair is evenly parted in the center and then curl my hair. Then I will pull back two small sections starting in the center on the top of my head. When I do this I either braid, or twist the section and secure it with a bobby pin. Then I hair-spray the heck out of it and I’m good to go. 



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