Quick Ways To Pick Yourself Up


quick-waysIt is officially that time of year when the difficult now seems impossible. With classes wrapping up and the holidays seemingly farther and farther away I have fallen into a slump. This typically happens once or twice or ten times a semester. I have compiled list of things that I have done, and continue to do in order to power through.

Netflix and Chill (with yourself): I have been marathoning Bones from season one (for the first time) and lets just say thinking about hopping into bed and curling up with an hour long murder mystery helps get me through a long day.

Get a Mani-Pedi: This can be a tricky one if you’re not financially prepared to splurge at a nice salon but one of the things I’ve always found enviably true is that my life feels more put together with my nails done. Even if that means treating myself to going out and having someone else doing my nails or sucking it up and doing them myself.

Date Yourself: Pull out that book you’ve been meaning to read since the beginning of the semester (cough cough Harry Potter) and finally get to it. I take myself to Starbucks and get a coffee and grab a seat. Sometimes getting lost in a different world is the best way to feel energized enough to face this one.

Get a Hobby: It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, or time consuming, something that you can do when you want and where you want. For me that is blogging, for some people that is going to a yoga class, or coloring. The key thing about a hobby is that you can’t let it stress you out because then it becomes something you’re not doing for fun.

Play Dress Up: Pick a girlfriend or two or three and go to the mall and try on cute dresses. Maybe go crazy and get fro-yo. You don’t have to buy anything (and sometimes you shouldn’t) but just trying on super expensive dresses or ball gowns you will never have the need for can be fun and good way to unwind.




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