Christmas Gifts: Your Best Friends



I’m going to be honest I wish I could enjoy the holiday festivities while I’m shopping for Christmas this year however the best I can do with finals and sorority initiation season in full swing is shopping on Amazon and listening to Christmas music. So if you’re like me and need more inspiration while shopping take a look at the things I’m getting for my besties.

Slippers with Goodies: I love gifts inside of gifts and one of the easiest things to do is get a pair of fuzzy slippers and put a lotion, lipgloss and hand cream inside.

Pajamas: My personal favorites are Victoria’s Secret pajamas; if your bae’s like night gowns, sleep shirts, or flannel suits VS has a ton of great options and they usually have great deals around the holidays.

Coloring Book: There are so many chic options for grown ups now, I would personally get a small seasonal coloring book and a cute pack of gel pens.

Earrings: Personally I am a big fan of a cute pair of Kate Spade earrings. The whimsical designs are adorable around the holidays and everyone appreciates something special.

Spa Essentials: The combinations can be limitless, lip balm and cuticle cream, nail polish and a hair mask, lotion and face masks, this can be lots of fun and more importantly a cheap alternative to something more expensive when wrapped cutely in a mason jar.



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