Best Halloween Movies

Happy Halloween Month!

I watch these wonderful movies year round but with wonderful chills in the air and longer nights there is nothing better than settling in with spooky movies and here is a roundup of my favorites. They’re not traditional horror stories however they always put me in the perfect holiday spirit.

  • Hocus Pocus: the Kenny Ortega 1993 film has had me enchanted since I was old enough to watch it. After three Salem witches come alive after centuries of being frozen by a spell it is up to Max and Allison to save the town from their wicked ways.
  • Corpse Bride: This lesser known Tim Burton film is one of my favorites by far. When a frightened Victor raises the Corpse Bride from the dead he has to make a perilous journey back to his beloved Victoria.
  • The Village: I was first introduced to this movie in my 8th grade english class and since then it has remained my most favorite M. Night Shyamalan movie. This small secluded town keeps you wondering what is real and what is reality from start to finish.
  • Van Helsing: Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinscale enchant in this monsterous Frankenstein tale come to life.
  • The Brothers Grimm: With Heath Ledger and Matt Damon I’m not sure what else you could want in a movie but this fairy-tale duo face a dangerous curse and put an interesting spin on the classics.

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