Top Ten Tips to Tackle Finals



It is officially the most wonderful and the most stressful school year. Finals. Now if you’re somewhat crazy like I am, there is a light at end of this tunnel and that is new school supplies for the upcoming semester. With that being said, first comes finishing up this semester and tackling finals.

Now I want to start this post with a little back story; in high school I was always the kid who could look over their notes in the class period before a test and be just fine, then I got to college and while I managed to maintain my grades I realized it would take a lot more effort. I have heard from lots of other people in my classes, friends, and sisters, that they had a similar experience so whether you’re taking your first college finals or this is your last semester take a look at these tips and try them out to see if any thing can help you with your finals season.

1. Make a Space: For me this happens to be my apartment’s kitchen table. I make myself a cup of coffee, turn on some music and lay everything out in the order that I have to get it done. If your space happens to be a dead silent library or a bustling coffee shop its nice to have a sacred space that is devoted to studying.

2. Make a Plan: I personally like to take a blank printable calendar either for the next few weeks, or for the month as a whole and put due dates/test dates in red. Then I’ll make a list either on a google sheet or in a note book of when things are due and when tests are so I know what order to study in.

5. Make a Schedule: Do you study best in the morning, or at night, do you need to be around people, do you have to be alone? I always take these things into account, I also take into account what else is going on that week. The thing that stinks about finals is that the rest of the world doesn’t stop, I still have work, blogging, sorority, and somewhere time to breathe. That’s why I always plan out what times work best for me to study and stick to them.

4. Find a Buddy: Once you have everything planned out, its time to actually do it. Whether your buddy is a good playlist on Spotify, a room mate, or a friend I’ve always found that I’m most productive when I have someone to bounce ideas off of.

5. Write it Out: Personally one of the things that works best for me when studying is to re-write my notes or my reviews in a concise format and use that to study. If that means taking chapter notes, writing out lecture notes I’ve already taken, or doing problems and writing out how I did them I use these sheets later to study from.

6. Color Code Notes: You may notice that my notes are very colorful and that’s not on accident. I typically use the same system; blue is for headings, orange is for terms, green is for examples, and yellow is for important details.

7. Take Breaks: The best way to do this is to find your rhythm, do you like set increments of time to study and take a break (for example 20 mins studying and 5 mins of Twitter) or do you like to watch an episode of Greys Anatomy after every subject you complete? I tend to fall somewhere in between and catch up on social media after I’ve finished a project.

8. Have Snacks: This can be another great motivator, I typically don’t allow myself to have another cup of coffee until I’m halfway through whatever I’m working on. So for me, coffee is a must, one reason I tend to study at home is because I have a generous supply readily available. I also like something sweet and salty to crunch on.

9. Sleep: It might sound counter productive but if you don’t get a good night of sleep before exams your brain will be much less equipped to take on the exam the next day.

10. Celebrate: Its quiet convenient that finals will be ending just as the season of holiday cheer is beginning. I typically treat myself to conquering finals by getting my nails done or simply taking a nice bubble bath and spending a stress free night having a Netflix marathon.























Morning Routine


Of all of the things important to college students, there is little more revered than sleep. I spent much of my time in high school and my entire freshman year trying to find ways to save on sleep. The quickest way to save time in the morning and sleep in as much as possible is by making your morning routine as quick and efficient as possible.


1. Have a set wake-up time

One of the best ways to have an efficient morning and not wake up feeling like a creature from the Walking Dead is to have a set bed time and wake up time. For me this time is something that works for both class and school.

2. Set out your clothes the night before

The easiest way to save time in the morning is to prepare the night before. I’m pretty terrible at this because all I want to do at night is sleep. One way however that I save time in the morning is by thinking about or putting out my clothes the night before. This aims to hopefully eliminate the dreaded time spent staring at your full closet wondering why you don’t have anything to wear.

3.  Do a quick calendar check

I have two calendars in the form of dry erase boards right in front of my face when I wake up. I have a monthly view and a weekly view, this way I can quickly look over what I need to prepare for that day and adjust accordingly. Another thing next to my calendars is a to-do list where I put a list of things that have to get done that day.

4.  Budget time

If I could, I would spend two hours putting time into my hair and makeup, unfortunately I only have an hour in the morning to do all of that and get dressed. That means I have to realistically think about how long it takes me to get ready and keep an eye on time.

5. Refuel

I personally can not be alive without coffee or tea in the morning, I’m slowly trying to sneak water into my routine to stay hydrated and healthy, I have also been trying to remember to have something in the morning to kickstart my metabolism such as oatmeal or a banana or toast.

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Quote Of The Week



I saw this on Pinterest and instantly claimed it as the quote of the week. This sums up what it feels like to be in college right about now. I don’t know if it’s because this time of year is crazy or I’m still adjusting to living on my own but I’ve learned that the key to figuring it all out is balance. Some night I break down and cry in bed with Netflix and some nights I stay up until 3 in the morning laughing with my friends. Sometimes its okay to take a personal day and some days you need to stay strong in your hustle. What quote inspired you this week?