Wise Words



A wise woman recently told me that ‘if it takes away your peace it’s too expensive’ and in terms of thing’s I’m sure she found on Pinterest it really struck a chord with me. I am not sure when exactly I realized that I didn’t have enough emotional or physical energy left for the things in my life that I really cared about, maybe it was when I realized I didn’t feel connected to the organizations I had formerly been so proud to be apart of. Maybe it was when I realized I spent more time in the day worrying and stressing than actually enjoying my life. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I am not living the life I want to live. I set out with great intentions, I wanted to be a good friend, student, daughter, sister but somewhere along the way I stopped being all of those things and at the end of the day I didn’t like who I was or how I felt about anything.


It was only then that I decided to start living my life the way that I choose. I want to live a life that I’m excited to wake up to in the morning. Now I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to do that or where to start. It seemed impossible when I was dealing with the stresses of school, sorority, and work. These things were the paramount reasons I was stressed and now that the semester has ended and so have sorority activities until the fall I am going to take more time to focus on myself, to become the a person that I’m proud of, a person that I know I can be.


Quick Ways To Pick Yourself Up


quick-waysIt is officially that time of year when the difficult now seems impossible. With classes wrapping up and the holidays seemingly farther and farther away I have fallen into a slump. This typically happens once or twice or ten times a semester. I have compiled list of things that I have done, and continue to do in order to power through.

Netflix and Chill (with yourself): I have been marathoning Bones from season one (for the first time) and lets just say thinking about hopping into bed and curling up with an hour long murder mystery helps get me through a long day.

Get a Mani-Pedi: This can be a tricky one if you’re not financially prepared to splurge at a nice salon but one of the things I’ve always found enviably true is that my life feels more put together with my nails done. Even if that means treating myself to going out and having someone else doing my nails or sucking it up and doing them myself.

Date Yourself: Pull out that book you’ve been meaning to read since the beginning of the semester (cough cough Harry Potter) and finally get to it. I take myself to Starbucks and get a coffee and grab a seat. Sometimes getting lost in a different world is the best way to feel energized enough to face this one.

Get a Hobby: It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, or time consuming, something that you can do when you want and where you want. For me that is blogging, for some people that is going to a yoga class, or coloring. The key thing about a hobby is that you can’t let it stress you out because then it becomes something you’re not doing for fun.

Play Dress Up: Pick a girlfriend or two or three and go to the mall and try on cute dresses. Maybe go crazy and get fro-yo. You don’t have to buy anything (and sometimes you shouldn’t) but just trying on super expensive dresses or ball gowns you will never have the need for can be fun and good way to unwind.



Morning Routine


Of all of the things important to college students, there is little more revered than sleep. I spent much of my time in high school and my entire freshman year trying to find ways to save on sleep. The quickest way to save time in the morning and sleep in as much as possible is by making your morning routine as quick and efficient as possible.


1. Have a set wake-up time

One of the best ways to have an efficient morning and not wake up feeling like a creature from the Walking Dead is to have a set bed time and wake up time. For me this time is something that works for both class and school.

2. Set out your clothes the night before

The easiest way to save time in the morning is to prepare the night before. I’m pretty terrible at this because all I want to do at night is sleep. One way however that I save time in the morning is by thinking about or putting out my clothes the night before. This aims to hopefully eliminate the dreaded time spent staring at your full closet wondering why you don’t have anything to wear.

3.  Do a quick calendar check

I have two calendars in the form of dry erase boards right in front of my face when I wake up. I have a monthly view and a weekly view, this way I can quickly look over what I need to prepare for that day and adjust accordingly. Another thing next to my calendars is a to-do list where I put a list of things that have to get done that day.

4.  Budget time

If I could, I would spend two hours putting time into my hair and makeup, unfortunately I only have an hour in the morning to do all of that and get dressed. That means I have to realistically think about how long it takes me to get ready and keep an eye on time.

5. Refuel

I personally can not be alive without coffee or tea in the morning, I’m slowly trying to sneak water into my routine to stay hydrated and healthy, I have also been trying to remember to have something in the morning to kickstart my metabolism such as oatmeal or a banana or toast.

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